At APEX, our members are dedicated to honing their technique, and we prioritize their growth through classes. Each dancer is required to take a minimum of 4 hours on technique per week, mandatory technique classes being ballet, leaps and turns, and combo class. These foundational classes help build strength, precision, and control in their movements.

Our Company Members are required to be in 3 dances. 1 Company routine and 2 additional routines. Specialties (solos, duets, trios) are not required but highly encouraged. 

 Company members are required to attend 3 regional competitions and 1 national competition per season. Dancers may choose to compete their specialties (solo, duo, trio) at additional competitions with permission from the director. 

All information regarding competition SZN will be provided at each SZN meeting.


Tuition is due the 1st of every month. A $25 dollar fee will be charged to all accounts is tuition is not paid by the 10th.

The pricing listed below is for an entire month of standard classes and rehearsals. For example, our Company members are required to take 4 hours of technique and 3 rehearsals.  4 hours + 1 hour of Company rehearsal + 1 small group (30 mins) + 1 small group (30 mins) = 6 hours = $320

5 hours

$310 per month

5.5 hours

$315 per month

6 hours

$320 per month

6.5 hours

$325 per month

7 hours

$330 per month

7.5 hours

$335 per month


$340 per month



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