There is something exciting about the competitive world of dance. For serious dancers who want to get on stage and nail complicated choreography or continue to a professional dance career, the ADA Company is the right place for you. While the Company becomes a family and we have fun training to become elite dancers, it is a rigorous training program that requires a time commitment, hard work, and a lot of heart.

Our dancers are diverse; we find beauty in our differences and we promote working together to enhance our natural talents and build new skill sets. Our company dancers are encouraged to lift each other up, collaborate to become better artists, and find inspiration all around them. It’s all about expression, creativity, and technique. The Company is made of individual dancers but we come together as a team to learn, grow, compete, and win.

Dancers who are ready to train for the world of competitive dance are encouraged to audition and show ADA their talent, unique personality, and positive attitude.

Information about open auditions will be posted when available.

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